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At Patriots Guns we know that half the fun of owning a firearm is all the accessories and modifications you can do to them after the fact, and we carry everything you need! 


As the only store in town stocking parts for AR-15s, 1911s, and Glock pistols, we can also special order hundreds of brands of drop-in triggers, night sights, grips, magazines, and much more. 


We carry AR-15 furniture and accessories, including the ubiquitous Magpul brand, and even stock the tools you need to do the work yourself. 


And if you need help, we have a gunsmith on staff 5 days a week to answer your questions and help with installations.  


We stock a broad range of holsters for every popular model, and several that fit the less-than popular ones.  Tagua Gunleather is our favorite line because of bang-for-your-buck factor, but we also do Galco, Safariland, Blackhawk, and many more. 


And as always, if we don't have the holster or other accessory you need, we'll get it for you.

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