At Patriots Guns we carry a lot of concealed carry and tactical firearms, but we'd never leave traditional hunters out in the cold.  We carry a fully stocked line of sporting shotguns as well as home defense models across every popular brand out there. 


We also have a very robust special order system, allowing us to get nearly any shotgun you can think of in under a week!  If we don't have it, we'll go get it for you. 


From inexpensive Mossberg Mavericks and H&R Pardners to top-flite Benelli and Beretta fowling pieces and trap guns, we have something for everyone:


  • CZ USA

  • Benelli

  • Beretta

  • FN Herstal

  • Browning

  • Remington

  • Mossberg

  • H&R

  • Kraul

  • Saiga

  • VEPR

  • Rock Island


And many, many more!

We also offer a wide variety of shells for any type of hunting, as well as home-defense rounds.


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