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At Patriots Guns we carry an excellent selection of handguns across a wide variety of price ranges. 

From inexpensive new and used pistols to high end and expensive range toys, we always make sure to stock something for everyone.  And if we don't have it, we can order it and have it in your hands in two days!  

Our biggest sellers are new ultra-compact concealed carry guns like the Glock 43X and the Smith and Wesson Shield 2.0s, but there is something in our store for you whether you're carrying, plinking or collecting.


We stock:

  • Glock

  • Sig Sauer

  • Dan Wesson

  • CZ

  • Springfield Armory

  • Ruger

  • Smith and Wesson

  • Walther

  • FN

  • Charter Arms

And many more, new and used.  We also stock handgun parts, including night-sights, replacement parts and drop-in triggers for popular models like Glocks and 1911s.

We carry a wide selection of handgun holsters, including leather and synthetic, for concealed carry and open carry.

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